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World Wide Pictures Billy Graham films have been shown around the world since 1953, and viewers have recorded more than two million decisions for Christ as a result.

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Christianity in Japan - Wikipedia Christianity in Japan is among the nation's minority religions. Around 2.3 percent of the population claims Christian belief or affiliation. Most large Christian.

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三浦綾子 - Wikipedia 三浦 綾子(みうら あやこ、1922年 4月25日 - 1999年 10月12日)は、日本の女性 作家。 北海道 旭川市出身。旧姓:堀田。

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Shiokari Pass: Ayako Miura: 9780800707965: Books Shiokari Pass [Ayako Miura] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. Based on a true story, Shiokari Pass is a moving tale of love eclipsed by.

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All Youth Hostels in Japan - 日本ユースホステル. Rail Pass. The Japan Rail Pass offers great value! It’s an economical way to travel throughout Japan’s extensive rail network, considered to be one of the most.