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Jewellery Making Supplies, Beads. - Sunset Crystals Providing an ever-changing, diverse selection of contemporary Jewellery Making Components, Beads, Crystals, Findings and Tools to captivate and inspire all who enjoy.

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Braiding with Beads on the Kumihimo Disk: Karen DeSousa. Braiding with Beads on the Kumihimo Disk [Karen DeSousa] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. People are surprised how easy braiding is to learn and.

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How to Weave Medieval Cords for Trimming, Bracelets or. One of the things that make home-made crafts so special is the detailing.Even if you are following a purchased pattern, the way you finish things off can.

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Kumihimo Supplies - Beads Direct USA Top quality supplies for Kumhimo and macrame from leading manufacturers around the world. Kumihimo discs, bobbins,weighs, end caps and clasps

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Bead Classes, Beading Courses, Instruction : Baltimore, MD. Bead Classes, Beading Courses, Instruction at Beadazzled in Baltimore, Maryland, Virginia, MD-VA-DC.

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weavershand An information page for weavers specifically for those interested in Tablet Weaving, Kumihimo and Ply-splitting

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Weaving Book/Video Descriptions - Camilla Valley Farm Camilla Valley Farm Weavers' Supply is pleased to offer hundreds of books on Fibre Arts related topics. Below (and at the other links above) are detailed descriptions.

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CSLdesigns blog — CSLdesigns Welcome to my jewellery and accessory business CSLdesigns. My main passion is macrame and micro macrame, but I am passionate about all mediums of jewellery and.